We use a science-based approach to teaching. This means we use sound reasoning combined with empirical data gathered from high-speed motion analysis and other gadgets to measure status and progression. The data gathered includes: bat speed, time from swing start to contact, hip to shoulder angles, ball exit velocity, swing plane, and more.


We always explain the purposes for the instruction before we teach. Our goal is for every hitter to learn how to simplify their swing and make it most efficient in order to maximize the hitter’s ability to judge the pitch and place the fastest, shortest, and strongest swing on it as possible.


We love criticism because it gives us the opportunity to engage in more conversations about power hitting and the reasons why pure rotational hitting provides hitters with the best chances to hit for power and consistency. Moreover, if there is a better way to teach or if there is a better mechanical approach we want to know about it. After all, our goal is help hitters unleash their full potential even if that means we must change a particular teaching method. We are, and forever will be, open-minded students of the game who will always strive to gain more knowledge and find better ways to help others learn.