We believe there are four interrelated aspects to power hitting: mental preparation, mechanics, strength, and nutrition.


Our training begins with addressing swing mechanics and mental preparation so that the mechanical efficiencies may be transferred into game results. Part of mental preparation is being comfortable with the swing timing. In order for a hitter to be comfortable the hitter must be confident. When a hitter doesn’t know exactly when to swing at a given pitch doubt enters and confidence dissipates.


We use high speed video analysis of the hitter’s swing and other means to calculate the hitters start of swing speed to ball contact. From there we can calculate at what distance away the hitter must initiate the swing in order to hit a pitch at a given MPH. When the hitter is equipped with this knowledge confidence skyrockets. Moreover, a hitter will make better use of on-deck work to get timing down so that the hitter is ready to hit first pitch.


As the hitter advances we then begin to focus on strength and nutrition in addition to mental preparation and mechanics. In this advanced phase we include swing-specific flexibility, balance, and power exercises. Strength is achieved through training and nutrition. We discus the reasons why every athlete should have a balanced diet and how to incorporate post-workout nutrition to maximize recovery.